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Friday, December 3, 2010

Doodle a Day: 010, 011

Doodle 011: WTF!?
I was online the other night looking for images of dinosaurs and I came across an article on cbsnews.com that kinda made me sad. Paleontologists claim that triceratops may have not existed after all. It was my favorite dinosaur growing up, and still is!

"Paleontologists at the Montana State University argue that the Triceratops and his kissing cousin, the Torosaurus, were actually the same dinosaur at different stages of growth." -cbsnews.com-

I thought It would be funny to put him in Marty Mcfly's(Back To The Future) shoes when he realized what would happen if never existed.

Doodle 010: Zebra
For doodle 009 I did a rhino, so I figure I'd doodle another animal.