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I am an Art Institute of California - San Diego graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation. I've done traditional work using graphite, color pencils, watercolor, acrylic, clay, and digital projects using Photoshop, Flash, Maya, and Mudbox. I enjoy doing illustrations, character designs, environment paintings, sculpting, story boarding, modeling and lighting. Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Doodle 097

Doodle 097: And the Oscar Goes To...
"King's Speech" for Best Picture!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jump Project

This was a jump project for my Character Animation class.

Under Pressure

This was a run cycle project for my Character Animation class.

Doodle 096

Doodle 096: Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright!
No matter what you're going through, just remember that...

Doodle 095

Doodle 095: And It's Raining Again!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Doodle 091-094

Doodle 094: Cock-a-doodle-eh!
Had to get up earlier today and I was just not feeling it! Can't I just sleep in?

Doodle 093: Under Pressure!
"Under Pressure" by Queen has been stuck in my head for the last few days, especially since I did my run cycle animation using the song. It's okay, it's a good song. Here's a quick doodle of Freddie Mercury.

Doodle 092: My Girl, Trixxx
We started animating today in my stop motion class. It's turning out pretty cool! Trixxx is my puppet for the class.

Doodle 091: Yoga

Monday, February 21, 2011

Doodles 090

Doodle 090: Attack Of The Killer Bok Choy
I almost chocked on a bok choy today. Lesson of the day...chew your bok choy real well before swallowing!

Oh-na-na. What's mah name?

This is a caricature project I'm working on for my Portfolio class. WIP.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doodles 088-089

Doodle 089: My Pony
Hahaha! Okay so this is just something I did in response to a friend's pony doodle! =)

Doodle 088: Raindrops
I may not like the rain much, but I do love the sound of raindrops

Friday, February 18, 2011

Doodle 084-087

Doodle 087: Not Feeling So Buff
So I finally went to the gym today after many months, but why do I have to work out with these guys?

Doodle 086: Jigsaw
I watched the final chapter of Saw, and it was just pointless. But I thought I'd draw this guy!

Doodle 085: Errrrrrrr....
Ever seen a really bummed out pirate? I have! hehe.

Doodle 084: Happy Valentine's Day!
I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't trust this guy with that bow and arrow! Yeah, he gets to pick the one you should be with...uhh...no!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doodles 075-083

Doodle 083: Jack Black
I was just watching School of Rock, then Nacho Libre came on after. It must have been a Jack Black marathon. I always thought he had this awkward look on his face, so I figured I'd do a caricature of him.

Doodle 082: Baby Talk
I was playing with my god daughter, Simone, this evening, and she just kept trying to talk. We were having our own little conversation. I couldn't tell you what it was about though.

Doodle 081: Foodoholic
This is what happens every time I go home. I just eat whatever I want and I don't stop.

Doodle 080: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Flying home to the bay area to see my love! It's always nice to be home.

Doodle 079: Libra
Another face doodle for my zodiac project. Libra.

Doodle 078: Virgo
Just a face doodle for my zodiac project. Virgo.

Doodle 077: Aries, Pisces,Virgo
Rough sketches of my zodiac project.

Doodle 076: Leo & Taurus
Rough sketches of my zodiac project.

Doodle 075: Aries
Just an Aries head doodle for my zodiac project.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doodle 072-074

Doodle 074: Bobalicious!
My friend has been craving for boba for the past week. "Let's go get boba!" "I want boba!"
You happy now? Boba is bobalicious!!

Doodle 073: Sushi Anyone?

Doodle 072: I Need Sleep
I have been having the craziest sleeping schedule. I can't sleep like a normal person. I feel like this when I go to class!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

VFX Magic Effect

Our project was to create a magic effect using Maya nDynamics. It turned out pretty cool.

Doodle 069-071

Doodle 071: Lefty, The T-Rex
I was chatting with my friend about drawing with my left hand, so I thought I'd try it for today's doodle. I've done a couple of drawings with my left hand before, I figure I'd try it again and challenge myself. It was pretty tough, my right hand just couldn't stop moving while I was drawing this. Oh, I was trying to go for "cute", since my friend said I don't do cute drawings. Haha!

Doodle 070: Aries
I'm trying to approach my portfolio project differently, so I've been trying to doodle in a different style. This is just a doodle...dunno if I like it. We'll see what happens!

Doodle 069: How Bad Do You Want It?
If you want it that bad, you have to work for it! I'm just sayin'.