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I am an Art Institute of California - San Diego graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation. I've done traditional work using graphite, color pencils, watercolor, acrylic, clay, and digital projects using Photoshop, Flash, Maya, and Mudbox. I enjoy doing illustrations, character designs, environment paintings, sculpting, story boarding, modeling and lighting. Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Material & Lighting Final

This was my Material and Lighting Final project. The room was provided and I found most of the furniture online. I just added the textures and the lighting. I'm really happy how the final turned out.

Material & Lighting Midterm

This was my midterm project from Material & Lighting class, from last quarter. Whe had to light a room, day scene and night scene. I really enjoy lighting.

Pick And Draw

My friends and decide to do this pick and draw thing a few months ago just to actually practice on our drawings. Every week we picked names from a hat, and a situation or theme. Here they are!! All done in Photoshop.

Baby Simone

I did this drawing for my friend's baby shower. This is for you, baby Simone.


One night I just decided to draw a caricature of my girlfriend since she says I never draw her. So here it is!


This was our 2D Production Project. It was all hand drawn, colored in Photoshop, and edited in Final Cut Pro. The background is watercolor. I worked on this with 5 of my friends, Roberta Tam, Jason Dwyer, Mike Montemarano, Chris Sias, and AJ Velasco, also student at the Art Institute.
This was my 3D Animation final. The project was to have the character kick the ball.

Flash Project

This was a lipsync animation project from a Digital Ink and Paint class. The audio is from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Pirate Mike

Just a fun illustration of my buddy, Mike!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magic Show

This was my final project from my 2D Animation class. Welcome to the magic show!

The Odyssey

This was from a Special Topics/Concept class. The theme was Odysseus, and we had to concept our own version of the characters, creatures and environment.


This was project was done in a Special Topics class from two quarters ago. The project was to concept a group of explorers. My style is usually more on the realistic side, but sometimes I just like the more cartoony style. So I went for that route.

Background Paintings

These were done in my Background Painting class from a few quarters ago. All done in Photoshop.

Ai Crew

This one was just for fun. I get a lot of my inspiration from people around me, especially friends. These are some of my friends from the Art Institute. That's me in the front with the yellow hat.


I'm a big fan of the tv show LOST. I was inspired to draw Hurley and Kate while watching the show. I tried to experiment and used my left hand to do this. It was really awkward, but it was fun. Photoshop.


This was an illustration I did years ago, that was inspired by a Hooters girl. The lion is me, and the other guys are my buddies from back home. Color pencils and ink.