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I am an Art Institute of California - San Diego graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation. I've done traditional work using graphite, color pencils, watercolor, acrylic, clay, and digital projects using Photoshop, Flash, Maya, and Mudbox. I enjoy doing illustrations, character designs, environment paintings, sculpting, story boarding, modeling and lighting. Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doodle 026, 027, 028, 029

Doodle 029: Wiiiiii!!!!
My godson's (Andrew) first time playing the Wii Fit today! He was having way too much fun!!

Doodle 028: Lunar Eclipse
We watch the lunar eclipse last night. What a sight!

Doodle 027: What a company!
On the phone...while watching a movie...or driving home from Diego to the Bay, this is what my girlfriend does to me!

Doodle 026: Zzzzzz
After many sleepless nights during a crazy quarter, I'm finally getting my sleep!!

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