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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doodles 075-083

Doodle 083: Jack Black
I was just watching School of Rock, then Nacho Libre came on after. It must have been a Jack Black marathon. I always thought he had this awkward look on his face, so I figured I'd do a caricature of him.

Doodle 082: Baby Talk
I was playing with my god daughter, Simone, this evening, and she just kept trying to talk. We were having our own little conversation. I couldn't tell you what it was about though.

Doodle 081: Foodoholic
This is what happens every time I go home. I just eat whatever I want and I don't stop.

Doodle 080: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Flying home to the bay area to see my love! It's always nice to be home.

Doodle 079: Libra
Another face doodle for my zodiac project. Libra.

Doodle 078: Virgo
Just a face doodle for my zodiac project. Virgo.

Doodle 077: Aries, Pisces,Virgo
Rough sketches of my zodiac project.

Doodle 076: Leo & Taurus
Rough sketches of my zodiac project.

Doodle 075: Aries
Just an Aries head doodle for my zodiac project.

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