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Monday, May 9, 2011

Doodles 161-168

Doodle 168: Back To Work
Just got back from home (bay area). Call me crazy, but it's kinda relaxing to be back doing work again!

Doodle 167: Happy Mother's Day!!
Number 1 mom I know! Love you, inay!

Doodle 166: Show Me Da Manny!
Manny has done it again!!

Doodle 165: Burlesque
Went to my gf's coworker's burlesque show last night. It was pretty entertaining.

Doodle 164: Drew & Drin
Just a doodle of my nephews. Silly boys!

Doodle 163: Up, Up, and Away!!
On my way to the bay for Mother's Day weekend.

Doodle 162: Bernie
Just a doodle of my teacher, Bernie. Cool guy!

Doodle 161: Master Dzu
Inspired yet again by my teacher/mentor, Master Dzu Nguyen!

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