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Friday, January 14, 2011

Doodle 042-052

Doodle 052: Ophiuchus
Let's all welcome the new Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus!!

Doodle 051: Pisces?
So If you guys haven't heard yet, the Zodiac signs have changed and everyone is freaking out. I'm an Aries...or am I a Pisces?

Doodle 050: Trixxx
I'm taking a Stop Motion class this quarter, and this is my possible puppet. Details later. WIP.

Doodle 049: Welcome Back
First day of school from a three week break...9am. Ughh!

Doodle 048: Need Food
Back to SD, and I need food. My fridge is pretty empty!

Doodle 047: Today's Goal
Last day in the bay area. Today's goal, try to make it to San Diego in less than 8 hours. The result, 7 hours. Yes!!

Doodle 046: Edward Scissorhands
It's late. Doing my laundry. I'm watching Edward Scissorhands, so I thought I'd doodle him.
It's my last night in the bay until I drive back to San Diego tomorrow.

Doodle 045: What Is This, DMV?
I finally got an appointment at the County Hospital, and I swear it was like the DMV in there. I waited for an hour even though I had an appointment. Sheesh!!

Doodle 044: Ughh...
Fourth day. My back is still killing me!

Doodle 043: Patience
This is seriously what it was like trying to get an appointment at the County Hospital. I waited about an hour until I got to an actual breathing human being!

Doodle 042: Mehhh...
Second day, and my back is still killing me. Don't feel like doodling...

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  1. Next time you're on the phone talking to a computer, just hit 0 a ton of times. It usually routes you directly to an operator or an actual person hah