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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


These are some of the storyboards I've done for Storyboard class, Production class and Studio class. This is in chronological order from the newest to the oldest.

"You're A Dumb Game" Fall 2010
This was from our Pre-Production/Production class' short animation called, "You're A Dumb Game". There were 3 parts to the film, and I was in charge of boarding the first part. This was the original version.

"You're A Dumb Game" - Final Storyboards, Fall 2010
 This was the final revised boards we went with for the film.

"B.AIR" Summer 2010
This is for my 2D Studio class' short animation, "B.AIR."

"Brer Rabbit And Brer Fox" Summer 2009
This was another project from Storyboard class. The project was to board a script using just 12 panels to tell the story.

"The Devil Is Not Mocked" Summer 2009
This was from my Storyboard class. We worked with a partner and were given a script to storyboard. I did part 2 of the story.

"The Detective." Summer 2009
   This was from my Storyboard class about  a year and half ago. We had to storyboard what was written on the script.

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