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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doodle 201-245

Wow! It's been over a month since I last updated my blog. Sorry guys, just been going through some tough times, but things are all good. I just haven't been able to get my stuff scanned. Anyway, here are my doodles for the past 45 days that I've been MIA. I apologize if some are so crappy! Well, enjoy!

Doodle 245: Sick and Stuffy

Doodle 244: Ugly Tan
I went fishing with a couple of friends and I got the ugliest tan ever!

Doodle 243: Gnomeo & Audrey
My goddaughter, Audrey, had her "Gnomeo & Juliet" birthday party today.

Doodle 242: Let's Get Crackin'
We went to Joe's Crab Shack for my dad's birthday. Oh he was happy! Happy 70th Birthday!

Doodle 241: Happy 6th Birthday, Audrey!

Doodle 240: The Best Thing About Love...
...is falling. The worst thing about it, is falling out of it.

Doodle 239: Do, You Must
Visited an old friend today. Had a good talk with him.

Doodle 238: Three Men And A Baby
Hung out with my new goddaughter, Simone, today with her daddy and uncle Myan.

Doodle 237: A Month Already?
I just realized it's already been a month since I graduated. How time flies!

Doodle 236: Like Stars On Earth
I just saw this Indian film called "Like Stars On Earth." It's a really good movie. This was inspired by the kid in the movie.

Doodle 235: Hooters Night
Hooters night with the boys!

Doodle 234: Framers Market Kettle Corn
It never fails to cheer them up!

Doodle 233: So Easy For You To Walk Away

Doodle 232: Just Put On A Happy Face!

Doodle 231: Steam Buns
I've been steaming my buns off in the steam room at the gym. It's so relaxing.

Doodle 230: Happy Baptism, Simone
I became a godparent today, for the forth time. I love it!

Doodle 229: San Francisco
I've been in the bay area for most of my life, and I just now rode the trolly for the first time.

Doodle 228: Really Bored!!

Doodle 227: Worked My Butt Off
I worked my butt off doing some yard work today.

Doodle 226: Sad Face

Doodle 225: Round Is A Shape?
Time to get in shape!

Doodle 224: Happy Birthday, Happy 4th!
Happy birthday to my mom, and happy 4th to you guys!

Doodle 223: Sweating Like A Pig!
Another hot day.

Doodle 222: Joe My Buddy
I went to Joe's Crab Shack with my sis, and boy I left so happy! Yum!

Doodle 221: I'm Melting!
Today was just way too hot to do anything!

Doodle 220: I Hate Allergies!

Doodle 219: Busy Bee
Unpacking and cleaning...and unpacking...and cleaning...and more unpacking and cleaning!

Doodle 218:Boreeeed!
Now that I'm back home, I'm bored.

Doodle 217: Time To Unpack!

Doodle 216: Budget My A$$!
Never will I rent from Budget again! I just had the worst moving experience ever!

Doodle 215: God Is Really Testing Me.

Doodle 214: Hangin' Out With These Guys
Gonna miss you guys!

Doodle 213: Emptiness
After 2 and half years in my apartment, I'm saying bye bye! =(

Doodle 212: Cold Hearted...

Doodle 211: Bull$#@!

Doodle 210: The Nightmare Continues!

Doodle 209: Not Too Happy!

Doodle 208: Thanks For Nothing!

Doodle 207: Graduation Day!

Doodle 206: Almost There

Doodle 205: It's Showtime!
Portfolio Show today. Bring it on!

Doodle 204: Runnin' Around
Running around doing last minute stuff for Portfolio Show.

Doodle 203: Feeling Like A King
No more school and I feel good!

Doodle 202: Bruno
Watched Bruno Mars at the Del Mar Fair last night. It was awesome!!

Doodle 201: Yah Maaaahn!
I went to the Del Mar Fair today with a couple of friends and we saw these sheep with dreadlocks.

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