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Monday, April 18, 2011

Doodle 133-146

Doodle 146: Shia
I'm getting really anxious for the third Transformers movie, so I started watching the first one...and decided to draw Shia Labeouf.

Doodle 145: Drunkin' Monkey
Happy 30th birthday, Lady! I went out downtown for my friend's birthday, and had some drinks with the birthday girl. 1 drink and 4 shots = 1 really bad headache!! It's was all great though, I needed to partay!

Doodle 144: Lazy @$$!
I did not do anything today, and it's fine.

Doodle 143: Another Beautiful Bike Ride
I went for another bike ride today. It was nice!

Doodle 142: Baby Cakes
My buddy Lucia and I went to Baby Cakes today since she's never been. It was yum!!

Doodle 141: Feeling like S... Today!

Doodle 140: Oh Crap!
After a 2 and hour bike ride yesterday in the sun, this is what I get! Lesson of the day...put sunscreen on face.

Doodle 139: Cruisin'!
I finally took my bike out for a ride today. It was the perfect day to ride!!

Doodle 138: Happy 41st Anniversary
Congratulations mom and dad! I love you both.

Doodle 137: No Pressure
The thought that this is my last quarter is kinda scary! You mean I have to find a job now? =)

Doodle 136: Netflix
Netflix all night long! Movies back to back to back. I love it!

Doodle 135: Tired
I had a tiring day today for some reason.

Doodle 134: Chris Sias
I dunno...I just felt like drawing my buddy Chris.

Doodle 133: The Beginning Of The End
Today is my last first day at school. Let's do this!!

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