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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doodle 112-121

Doodle 121: Four Down, One Left!
Yes! One more final and this quarter is done for me!

Doodle 120: Three Down, Two Left...
Three finals done. Two left.

Doodle 119: Two Down, Three More To Go...
Second final done. Three left to go.

Doodle 118: Raining Cats & Dogs
The rain is crazy right now!

Doodle 117: Spartacus
I started watching the television series "Spartacus." It's pretty cool.

Doodle 116: Sooo Lazy
Just another lazy day at home.

Doodle 115: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Doodle 114: David & Doo Joon
Just a quick doodle of my friend and his puppet.

Doodle 113: One Down, Four To Go...
Just finished our animation for my Stop Motion class. One down, four to go. Woohoo!

Doodle 112: Time Is Running Out!
Week 10 and my production class has so much more to do. Time is running out guys. Let's do this!

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